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The ultimate BIM solution

Open BIM Systems

Using Open BIM technology, a collaborative workflow can be implemented in an open and coordinated way to develop architecture, engineering and construction projects. CYPE offers you the technology to integrate your products in BIM projects. Highly specialized tools will provide the assistance to arrange 3D elements based on design criteria, regulatory checks, and interaction control.

Services offered by CYPE

CYPE is a leading company in software development for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. More than 80,000 users trust our products and services and over 100,000 programs have been acquired by professionals from various countries.


Product integration is achieved by carrying out an individualized analysis based on each manufacturer’s characteristics and their particular needs. Custom programming is provided so that the products are perfectly defined.


The applications that integrate the products of each manufacturer can generate the three-dimensional model of each element, place it in its exact spatial position, and allow users to view its digitalized appearance within the building.

The complete project together with the elements of the manufacturer can be viewed in Augmented Reality (AR).


  • System compatible with all modeling software.
  • Project lasts without the need for a local platform.
  • Element arrangement assistance using specialized software.
  • Multidisciplinary interactions.
  • Aid in the choice of products to use in projects.
  • Manufacturers each have an independent tool, with their products exclusively.


  • Product impact on thousands of system users.
  • Access to real construction projects.
  • Product usage monitoring.
  • Project viewing on mobile devices (Documents and 3D Viewer).
  • Educational use in universities and training centers.
  • Connection with public administration entities using the system.
  • Download from the store. User-focused business action by analyzing the IFC information flow.

How to work with Open BIM Systems

Why are we different?

Open BIM Systems offer direct access to products for all users for free.

When based on open formats, the elements integrated in the project are compatible with all types of BIM platforms.

After a specific needs analysis for each company, we design personalized software that allows the user to introduce elements into the project, based on calculation criteria, regulatory compliance and interdisciplinary interactions.

Open BIM Systems are designed to operate in an efficient BIM environment. Each application is able to use the existing data in the project for establishing an advanced starting point and reduce the time that the specialist must invest to solve it.

Furthermore, due to the open format of this system, any application can connect to the project to download the information, complete the development of the corresponding part and upload it in IFC format.

Our last incorporations


Some of the companies that are already working with our system.

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Open BIM Systems® is a service created by CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.