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Open BIM Unex is a to free download tool that caters for the design of distribution pipeline systems using Unex products, taking into account its layout and considering the number of aspects contained in each section. The program, downloadable from the platform, incorporates trays, channels and their joining elements. Open BIM Unex allows you to modify the technical data of the pipes used including their material, dimensions and 3D representation, making possible a faster and effective execution of project by the designer.

Being integrated in the Open BIM workflow, the tool uses the existing information in the project and provides the precision design necessary to execute the system installation. In this way, it is possible to minimize errors in the execution phase and model with great level of detail.

Open BIM Unex allows both to work autonomously, and to rely on the elements of the project to introduce horizontal and vertical pipes, flat curves, joints between sections, T leads and supports.

In the case of starting from a geometric model of the building, the tool will generate the distribution of rooms to serve as a reference for the design of channels and trays. Once the electrical installation calculations have been carried out, the cable capacity test inside the pipes is conducted.

The great potential that Open BIM Unex offers is the ability to model any distribution of pipes and henceforth visualize it on a 3D model at any time.

Among the many editing options of this tool, it is worth highlighting the possibility of incorporating Unex elements at different levels within the same plan, rotating elements in any plane, placing dividers and covers. All this provides great versatility to customize any installation depending on the needs of the designer.

In this way, the designer is able to view the software as an excellent way to check the whole installation of an electrical project, visualizing it in 3D and guaranteeing compliance with the current norm, coupled with the reliability that Unex offers in each of its products.


Open BIM Systems® is a service created by CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.

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