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The Open BIM TOSHIBA software is a free program that can calculate VRF air conditioning systems and the Estía, multsiplit and split 1x1 aerothermy equipment in an Open BIM work environment based on an architectural digital model hosted on the platform.

Thanks to the use of the IFC standard and the intuitive software interface, the designers can carry out the design, calculation and BIM modelling of the TOSHIBA systems, always keeping in view the arrangement of the different air conditioning equipment on the plane, both in 2D as in 3D. In addition, in the case of VRF systems, Open BIM TOSHIBA automatically generates a scheme of the installation.

When introducing the equipment in the BIM model, the user can select the specific equipment of the brand and the pipes required for its connection, editing the geometrical data and its references directly in the software. In this way, the software offers a precise digital representation and an easy-to-use interface of the air conditioning systems used in BIM models of new and renovated buildings, accelerating the design process and helping to more accurately predict performance and energy consumption of the building.

With the Open BIM TOSHIBA tool, professionals in the construction sector have a program that speeds up and accelerates the planning of projects designed with the brand’s products, while allowing the introduction of quick and accurate changes, saving time and improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Furthermore, thanks to its interrelation with other tools such as CYPETHERM HE Plus and the export of the documentation that the Open BIM Memorias CTE software makes, it is possible to generate the report, the energy efficiency certificate and manage the building project with the TOSHIBA solutions.


Open BIM Systems® is a service created by CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.

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