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Open BIM S3F Signs is a free to download application that operates in the Open BIM workflow to generate three-dimensional models of each of the security and accessibility signaling elements from the manufacturer, S3F Signs.

Downloadable from the platform, this software offers technicians the option of selecting the different signaling solutions and placing them in their exact spatial position within an architectural model. In addition, the application also takes into account specific parameters required by the professional, such as the category of the signal, the model or its dimensions, among other options.

During the utilization of the signage through the Open BIM S3F Signs software, the designer visualizes at all times each of the signals incorporated in the digital model, showing its appearance and exact location in the building environment.

Thanks to its interrelation with other tools that operate in the Open BIM workflow such as CYPEFIRE Design or Open BIM Accessibility, Open BIM S3F Signs can recognize the accessibility, evacuation and fire protection equipment requirements generated by these programs, facilitating compliance with regulations that require the visibility of all signage.

In addition, the software generates an IFC file with the BIM model. In addition to this a .glTF file compatible with web browser viewers and augmented reality solutions is generated, allowing the signals to be displayed in all other applications connected to the Open BIM project and generates a listing through the material chart.

Open BIM S3F Signs allows you to view how the signals incorporated in the project will appear in a real environment thanks to the Augmented Reality version of the BIMServer.centre platform. With this option, the technicians minimize the margin of error when complying with regulations by checking before the execution phase if the lighting and display of the same nature is required by the regulations.


Open BIM Systems® is a service created by CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.

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