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Open BIM Inmesol is a free tool designed to work in an Open BIM workflow with which the designers can perform the selection and positioning of the generator sets and switchboards of Inmesol, the largest generator manufacturer in Spain. In addition, the software, downloadable from the platform, also performs the design of the switching scheme between the installed groups and the power network.

To facilitate the work of the professionals, Open BIM Inmesol has different libraries of elements where the catalogue elements are collected together with the necessary parameters to carry out the correct selection of the equipment. At the same time, the different types of automatic control and switchboards that INMESOL manufactures for the most common generator set applications are shown. When carrying out the positioning of each element, the software shows the perimeter of the building in which the installation is being carried out if they have been defined in the 3D model of the BIM project.

When designing the connection scheme and switching system with the supply, Open BIM Inmesol can automatically enter different predefined connection diagrams from the Inmesol catalogue, which can be edited and modified later if it’s necessary to add new elements.

In this way, the program facilitates the spatial arrangement of its elements, as well as the generation of documents for its installation: measurement of elements, connection diagrams and situation maps.

The IFC file format also allows the power of each generator set to be selected according to the characteristics described in calculation programs for electrical installations such as CYPELEC REBT, and in turn to evaluate their sound level in the CYPESOUND CTE acoustic study programs.


Open BIM Systems® is a service created by CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.

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