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Open BIM DAIKIN is a free to download tool developed to calculate and design DAIKIN VRV type air conditioning installations through a BIM model hosted on the platform. To work on this BIM model, Open BIM Daikin can connect to both a new project and an existing BIM project on the platform.

Once the project and the geometry of the architectural model from Open BIM DAIKIN have been synchronized, the technician can start incorporating the different Daikin equipment and carry out the design and calculation of the air conditioning installation. To do this, the tool offers a easy to use platform by offering different VRV solutions from Daikin to be placed in the enclosures chosen by the designer.

After allocating location, Open BIM Daikin automatically incorporates the parameters and technical specifications of each of the equipment (thermal loads and the interior conditions of the enclosures), speeding up the technician’s work and minimizing the possible errors in the design of the equipment and its installation.

This task is done all while having the ability to visualize at all times, the different air conditioning equipment on the plane in 2D and 3D, which facilitates the location of each of the units, both indoor and outdoor, as well as the joining of these units by pipes that can be automatically generated by the software.

Among the features of Open BIM Daikin, it is worth highlighting that the software performs an automatic review of the project to confirm if the system is designed correctly, selecting the most appropriate pipe diameters and correcting the powers according to the design if necessary.

Once verified that everything is correct, the software generates the report with the calculations, the VRV scheme, the measurement in BC3 format and provides a list with the material chart.

In addition and thanks to its connection with CYPETHERM EPlus software through the Open BIM workflow, it is possible to perform the energy certification of buildings taking into account the Daikin parameters.


Open BIM Systems® is a service created by CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.

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